Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Weird but so cute!

I was just at a basketball game for the JV2 guys at my school. And i was dancing in the lobby for my friends and this really cute high school boy form jefferson high comes in and sees me and says "putting on a show?" im like "pssh no.... maybe :)!" i smiled and he smiled back. then i was talking really loud and he could hear me. I said"yah there playing the jefferson tigers. and my friends are like "" and he comes back in and says its lions and goes back in. Then i smile and say "Oh, im sorry did i offend you?" and he says "pssh no" and smiles back. But yah! we where kinda flirting. but i dont like him i like matt. Speaking of him..... Today in p.e. im like. "hey why so sad?" and hes like, "bad day'.' i say "does someone need a hug?'' and he starts huging the bleachers. I say, "fine." then he said, "i was just kidding". im like, "whatever". Im sad because i almost got that hug. But then this girl hannah said, "I know what will cheer you up." and says this really lame joke then im like "i know what will really cheer you up... BLONDE JOKES" then he laughs and says, yay! so we where sitting in the middle of the bleachers by ourselves telling jokes and looking at eachother smiling nd laughing. It felt so cool. :)

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