Thursday, January 13, 2011

geesh school!

School is so grrr. I'm so tired but i had fun at school. fun friends are all rockin. Guy i like is awesome. Homework is stupid. So at school the guy i like is so nerdy. But he doesn't know i think he's a nerd. But that's what i like about him. :) Hes funny. But there are also people who i think are nerds who some people think i like. like Ian. BUT I DON'T! The other day Ian's like "Maddy you need a boyfriend. someone like Matthew" I'm like "whatever". i mean Matt and i are friends but date him! probably not. People are always getting on my case cuz they think i like Matt. I don't know if i do. Its a 50-50 thing. people also think i like Carson. like today Mason is like i bet you think Carsons cute. I'm like NO! i do not like Carson Andrew Weatherford at all! I'm confused. :/

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